Lyrics to Of The Willings
Of The Willings Video:
The bitches dressed in virgin's white
With solemn proposition
Approach to sacred altars
And assholes still believe in happy ends...
I watch you reading psalms and crying
While death comes to your kingdom
Just like anyone who wants to come back home

...and terrible visions of flesh burned
And piled in cages towered by
The faker gods that fatten your filthy wombs...
Dead children... some gold to steal...

And god showed me the way
To kill the demons and diseases
We need your blood to fight
The evil of these acts...
And sitting on the right side
Of the king of putrefaction
The willings will build cradles for the bones...

Kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Kill! Kill! Kill!

And after nothing but sweet lullabies
And tender smiles on the rotten cheeks
Of mothers and their sons
I know well how you'll clean your souls
With honours and devotion
But I'm the cry, I'm mourning, I'm the truth...
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