Lyrics to Of The Sea
Of The Sea Video:
Give me your hand
And I'll take you down
Oh, can't you see that
I'm dyin' to drown

And don't hold your breath, my dear
Oh, don't hold your breath, my dear

And our love, it is true
So there's not much to do
As the air in our lungs
Starts to hiss

And the ocean, it rolls
And the depths take their toll
When we get to the bottom,
We'll kiss

And the crush of the deep
Our secrets'll keep
And the mermaids, they drift
In the dark

With the salt all ablaze
And the ships where they lay
There must be great fear
In a spark

So here we will stay
All the demons at bay
From our arms and our eyes
It seems

Away from the dirt,
Beneath the skirt
Of the sea,
We won't wake from our dreams
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