Lyrics to Of Lunar Water...
Of Lunar Water... Video:
[Lyrics by Eduardo]

As you disregard your faith
Within my alienated being,
Breathe me in extreme and conflicting visions.
Horrors you dress as being the worst disease of all!
Judged by looking-glasses, you take me as a burden.
And for my mirth you spurn me...
Submerged in the salt of a colourless sea
As vast as my nausea and myself.
I journey to the island
Which screams and laughs as a mirage,
Where you enclose and don't see me. Free...
Hence, my sky has no limit.
The look's lunar water
Closed and united!
Converting cold tile in transcendent and modern chains,
I see you vanished in the lie's oblivion I've never shared.
The electric obsession you embraced
As if it was a rupture in memories...
With no remnant of that inconceivable vice,
Freely confined to a thousand sheens.
...A crystal rhythm into I do plunge.
Slow and chaste symphony that soothes me...
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