Lyrics to Of Human Action
Of Human Action Video:
Liar, I know you're lying
Your eyes are clearly speaking
I see your mask, you're double face
I can see a world where
Humankind knows what love means
And where we’re not alone
I know you're so afraid and your heart is beating hard
You never thought you could change everything
Trust me
We’ll all be saved in the end, believe me
and I can see the fire in your eyes,
We’ll all be saved at the end, believe me
I am so calm because I feel you breathing
I understand you think it will never change
you just have to hold on
Together we can save the world before it’s too late
after a storm the stars will shine again
after a storm the sun will always go back to shine
Stay close to all your friends, just fill the void
we’ll all be saved, we’ll all be alive
together we can save the world before the end.
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