Lyrics to Octorock
Octorock Video:
In the fields are octoroks. Lookin' for battle, I use Z-lock. (unh)
Nonstop when we use hookshot, movin' heavy rocks like a Goron jock (woo!)
Where's Zelda? I gots to know, Ganon grabbed her, he runs the show
Half elf, half fae, Master Sword, Link's the name, I'm the hero

Yo, I'm runnin' through these fields on Epona
I got that Song of Storms, played on my Ocarina
I met a guy, inside this cave that I've stepped in
S'dangerous to go alone, here take this weapon, hey

Octoroks are in the field outside
Link will always be the Hero of Time
Water Temple makes you lose your mind
Spin the sword til the point will shine

Octoroks don't put up any fight
Link's sword hand has been switched to right
Wii remote's not on the left hand side
We just wanna see ya...shake that

Navi will say "Hey!" "Listen!"
"Hey, Listen!" "Hey, Listen!"
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