Lyrics to Oceans Deep
Oceans Deep Video:
i want to write oceans deep
i've gotta sound so sincere
i'll surely strike a chord
and you'll make your way here
i wanna write words that move
and make your heart skip beats
and if i can't do that
at least you'll tap your feet

if i were to ask would you be willing
to lay right here and watch the ceiling
and stay up late with me
and then we'd kiss till three
and if i should ask would you be happy
to learn these words and sing them at me
take my hand and hold
and show me what you know

i gotta be rational
and take my time with this
i'm making god damn sure
there's not a thing i'll miss
i work with a balanced heart
and never with steady hands
when you're around i can't speak
but i know my songs can

sleep is for the weak
and baby i can stay the weekend
as long as you're with me
i think maybe we can sleep in
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