Ocean Melts The Sun Lyrics

The C Monsters

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Lyrics to Ocean Melts The Sun
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Even though I think you're gold
I never really let it show
and now I feel the cold
that froze every word I spoke
now buried deep inside

Changings what I thought I'd do
I thought, but truly never knew
the clouds can't hide
the orange in the sky
from shining in my eye
and showing what's inside

My friends don't live here anymore
Can't find just what I'm looking for

Distance keeps me from your side
the harder that I try to hide
the signs that I'm weak
from taking all my sleep
I wont admit defeat
how long can my arms reach

My friends don't live here anymore
They've all gone far away from home,
I can't stand staring at the floor
knowing you are seeing all the world,
I cant see far enough to know
if you've forgotten all my words
and all I'm wondering
is why I'm wandering
to see the deepest of the seas
and live there ever happily
in the ocean, the ocean, I love the ocean.

And even when I wanted to
I never found the power to
say what I want
its coming out in knots
the ocean melts the sun
the rivers crash and run
and if I stand up tall enough
maybe I'll see you one more time and ask you if you'll swim with me
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