Lyrics to Occupation
Occupation Video:
The living nightmare of OCCUPATION

In defense of their people and their land
Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan
The people from all the nations
Forced to live under occupation

BOMBS... rain down on women and children
Targeting schools, destroying hospital buildings
BOMBS... dropped by a foreign invasion

Answer the question: What would you do if...

They were killing your people?
If they were stealing your land?
Would you FIGHT BACK?

Against the evil aggressors demolishing your home
While your land is being turned into a killing field
And witness complete BREAKDOWN OF...
Way of living, the violation of basic human rights
With your people being used as human shields

Ask yourself, what would YOU do if...

THEY were killing your people?
If THEY were stealing your land?
If THEY were fucking with your family?
Do YOU think maybe then you WOULD UNDERSTAND?

The living nightmare of OCCUPATION
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