Lyrics to Obsidian
Obsidian Video:
You want to hear noise and you want to hear screams
When the laughter begins, will you know what it means?

We are obsidian
Returning through the glass again
We are obsidian
Feel the mirror twisting in

The seventh level is closer now

Character emissary on his way to mars
Some cheap card tricks and frippery and gigs in leather bars
Sit the plate in front of him
See if he smells the poison
Poison isn't possible
We just might have to brick him

Yes, feels like obsidian
I saw a shining from the dragon's den

All the sweat and all the heat couldn't make his life complete
You should choose your enemies as wisely as your friends

We are obsidian
We reflect the fifth of men

All they offered, all they'd do
Wouldn't get his image through

Unfolding situation on the outskirts of the city
Tree-dweller found the earthling cut in two but felt no pity
We're ready now, we're going in
Blackness shattered, a liquid din

We are obsidian
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