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Lyrics to Observer From Above
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You always were sure who you are and what you'll be
How to get what you want
But sometimes there're days when you lose your goal
Ask yourself what's beyond

What's right what's wrong in life?
Sometimes there're many whys
Can you imagine there're someone who rolls the dice?
A deep dimension
Love and wisdom for your life
A weapon 'gainst the thing which cuts in like a knife

Justice for
- children of the observer
- from above

There're so many ways for a crisis to come
Where're the strength to fight it down?
D'you you really believe that you got a real chance?
If you're all on your own

When all in you's sorrow!

If you would only know
You're all leaves in the storm
Just by the grace of god that you fell safe and warm
His love is everywhere
So we can take it all
None would have to want - no one would have to fall
If you would only know...
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