Lyrics to Oblivion V2
Oblivion V2 Video:
Blow me away

What's the future have to tell us?
Reveal the patterns in the chaos
Discover what our dreams are made of
Reach the boundaries of our freedom
Tempting creature pure and fail
Lips so red and skin so pale

Right now you're the one
Will you come and take me to oblivion?
We can leave this world behind
Show me the way
Let's go; be the one
Take my hand and take me to oblivion
I've had enough of space and time
Blow me away

Yesterday; today; tomorrow
The one act that's hard to follow
With some time to spend down under
Check out what's under the covers
Simple pleasures never fail
Like a hammer to a nail


Heed our passions; burning fire
Angels falling from the sky
Never thinking all the while
The more we live the more we die

Hurry up; there's no time
Staring into heaven's eye, it's so beautiful
Powerful supreme being sublime
How wonderful; now i know what makes me feel alive

Lost in your paradise tonight
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