Lyrics to Oakenshield
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Oh pick up flutes and fiddles, a new tune is beginning
A melody forsaken, on the chords of our elders' song
Each note is telling a story, a fragment of existence
Oh people ye who listen, sit down and hear the old man's story

He was standing right in front of me, few steps from where I've been
That day the manor's tower is hiding a sun in agony
Filthy and soiled from head to feet, his sword was rusty and ruined
But in his eyes I caught a fleeting glimpse of his pride

[Bridge:] He said...
"Seven moons painted the skies before I reached for the chosen one
A travel through the starlit horizons, through the magic's way
On the path that leads us to knowledge, a light fall of rites

and believes from past forgotten times
Outshining the malice on our thoughts !

[Chorus:] A story that came from so many miles and years ago
The legend of the magic shield
The elf, the dwarf, the man who carries true faith deep within
Was known by everyone as
Songwriters: F, AYDAN / F, AYDAN
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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