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i'll spit in this mic. we don't need to fight
together we should rise and start to compromise
who cares about what who said what.
what you need to know about the world
is that it's fucked up
put your guard up, against the real enemy
who's been breaking up all your families.

put your stress and your problems to the core
to make up for the beats we ignore.
set your attention to planet earth
cause without her we'll all disperse.

what's the first step to end this trouble?
free yo mind, say it loud, dont mumble
stomp your feet to make the world speak.
it'll help to end the worlds poverty.
put your weight upon those hips,
trance the murderers like hypnotists.
keep it going maybe this will work.
the more love bursts, we'll rebirth planet earth.

now take the time to see all this beauty
before you know it it'll all be history.
see all these buildings will multiply
instead of the trees that's why you testify.
snow and the animals will soon disappear,
cause of the factorial engineers.
the sky won't be blue, if you only knew,
that it all adds up like the trash we threw.

now put your spirits up to the sky,
free yo mind the more love will fly.
set your sights to the greater good,
focus others who are misunderstood.

now what's the next step to end this trouble?
take it to the jungle, let's start a rumble.
pound your chest like the monkey in distress,
and make the press understand your stress.
let's cap the tanks from destructing more,
and stop the muthafucka who started the war.
cause we got problems that we need to control,
before we got no body and just a soul.

and cut....
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