Lyrics to O Mother
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O Mother
Why do they treat me like I'm not a man?
I wonder (I wonder)
Does anybody know just who I am?
Or can I love the world exactly how it is?
Or do I have to split?
Is there anybody rooting for the kid?

O Mother
Is this not the way you taught me to behave?
I won't just sit here and let them treat me like a slave
Oh can I, love the world and hate how it makes me feel?
Cause I don't want to kneel
Is there anyone who's got my back for real?

O Mother
I do not think I live here anymore
I wonder
Is it wrong I do not want to love at all
Can I love the world enough to give a spin?
Or am I giving in?
Do we burn the old one down and start again?
Oh start again
Start again
Oh, start again
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