Lyrics to Nymphomania
Nymphomania Video:
NymphomaniaEyes of Love and Eyes of FireHearts of Lust and DesireDancing, jumping, laughing, ravingDriven by a sexual cravingHere they come with love and flowersWith their songs and their dark powersBodies naked, hot and writhingBelladonna wine embibingHere they come datura dreamingOut their minds in madness screamingWild spirits from the dreamworldNature spirits from the dreamworldWith the Nymphs you are freeIn the fire of ecstasyIn a dream of sexual loveIn Hell below and Heaven aboveBoy meets nymph the sacred storyTold again for all it's gloryShe's so wild, he can't tame herSex and drugs, who can blame herHe's the fingers, she's the matchesShe's the fire, he'll be the ashesHe is hers for the takingLove is hers for the fakingForget the future come and kissOn the Poison Lips of BlissLet them sing you to your deathLet them sing you to your death

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