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The Kush

Lyrics to Ny 4 Life
Ny 4 Life Video:
Feel me!
Can you feel that?
It's that shit!

[Verse 1:]
These niggas acting like a nigga never paid his dues,
But all the while, these faggots would of walked up in my shoes.
Exotic whips, they see me in, they think it's fun and games,
Like I ain't have to struggle on the corner slinging 'caine.
Crackhead short with it. - Pay me when it first came
And bet that ass that I was on 'em when the first came
A far cry from the fortune and the fucking fame
Snot nose rappers coming at me, is you fucking playing?
I got a icebox - where my heart used to be
Shit! - We can get into some gangsta shit, it's cool with me.
Been through it all. - Ain't that much that you can do to me,
I feel you baby, you just fronting for publicity.
Front page pose for this nine milli' - I suppose, you know how it go.
Don't act silly! - With a blow, leave 'em froze,
Yeah! - It's a cold city! - Only fucks with my homeys,
Stood in the cold with me. - Now pour the Henny!

Don't worry bout me! - I'm right where I'm 'pose to be
Mad at me! - Cause they not where they think they should
I'm here! - I'm there! - I'm in your hood
Late night creeping, cause you know I could.
And if we get it on, then it's meant to be,
I'm smiling at the judge, when he sentenced me.
My IQ high! - Ain't no testing me!
Straight N.Y., nigga, every breath of me! [echoes]

[Verse 2:]
The money and the drugs, freak hoes or the whips
I'm a boss! I can recognize how real the shit could get
CSI got 'em bugging, I ain't leave a fucking print
Not a shell! - I ain't even tell my bottom ass bitch.
If the world could talk, probably clap before the walls could talk,
Call me crazy, Don Bishop in this muthafucka, boy!
Get it right! - Get it twisted, they be knocking down your door
Early morn' - at ya mama house - praying to the Lord!
"What my baby done did now? "
Your baby ain't a baby! He done left a nigga down,
Loyal money, no bomb! - Quick he need a speedy trail,
Call my dunny, need to find out who running they fucking mouth,
Find that muthafucka, cause you know we gotta take 'em out!
I ain't trynna sit around seeing how it plays out,
I need some answers! And I need 'em for the days out,
For they hammer ass - up in super max, no breaking out! [echoes]

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