Lyrics to Numbskull
Numbskull Video:
ok, this time i have to say,"you never listen"
is it ok for me to feel this way?
don't ever listen, don't ever listen
all work no play, i mean that in a bad way
listen to me, listen to me
you need some time away (i mean that in a good way)
listen to me, listen to me

it felt good to break and bleed
but there's a stain on the carpet
and everyone can see
fold it up in paper castles
it doesn't matter how you play the game
it's only win or lose
and all these nasty tricks
are giving me head trips

don't wait till the last time
the last time comes to quick
we know where we belong
we know this is more than
just a song

so wrapped up in our own world
so wrapped up in trivials
so wrapped up in our own world

nothing feels like nothing again
sometimes you can think to much
it makes you weary of what's next
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