Lyrics to Number One
Number One Video:
[airplan flys away]

Ladies and gentlemen!
The moment you've all been waiting for...
In this corner... weighing 175 pounds...
With a record of... 17 rapes... 400 assaults... and 4 murders!
The undisputed... most diabolic villain in the world...
Slim... Shaaady!

So crack a bottle! - Let your body waddle
Don't act like a snobby model you just hit the lotto. (lotto!)
O-oh, o-oh! Bitches hopping in my Tahoe
Got one riding Shotgun and no not one of them got gloves.
Now where's the rubbers? - Whose got the rubbers?
I noticed there's so many of them and there's really not that many of us.
And ladies love us! - My posse's kicking up dust.
It's on till the break of dawn and we're starting this party from dusk.

Ladies and gentlemen...
Dr. Dre!

[Verse 1:]
They see that lowrider go by there, like: "Oh, my! " (whoo!)
You ain't got to tell me why you're sick cause I know why.
I dip through in that six trey like sick 'em Dre.
I'm an itch that they can't scratch, they're sick of me.
But hey! - What else can I say? I love LA!
Cause over and above all - it's just another day.
And this one begins where the last one ends.
Pick up where we left off and get smashed again.
I'll be dammed! - Just fucked around and crashed my Benz.
Driving around with a smashed front end - let's cash that one in.
Grab another one from out the stable
The Monte Carlo, El Camino or the El Dorado!
The hell if I know. - Do I want leather seats or vinyl?
Decisions, decision - garage looks like precision collision.
Or Maico! - Beats quake like Waco
Just keep the bass low speakers away from your face though. (face though!)


[Verse 2:]
Back when Andre, the giant! Mister elephant tusk!
Fix your must! - You'll just be another one bit the dust
Just one up - my mothers son who got thrown under the bus
Kiss my butt! - Lick from under cheese from under my nuts.
It disgusts - me to see the game the way that it looks
It's a must - I redeem my name an' haters get mushed/murked.
Bitches lust! - Man they love me when I lay in the cut.
Fist the cut! - The lady give her eighty some paper cut.
Now picture us! - It's ridiculous you curse at the thought
Cause when I spit the verse the shit, gets worse and worse cause your soft.
If I could fit the words as picture perfect, works every time
Every verse, every line; as simple as nursery rhymes
It's elementary! - The elephants have entered the room.
I venture to say with the center of attention it's true.
Not to mention back with a vengeance so here's the signal
Of the bat symbol, The Platinum Trio's back on you, hoes.


[Verse 3:]
It's sorta like - pourin' Draino down a live volcano.
You never know what'll happen next, it may blow!
Same things happens to the beats when Dre blows
I talk shit! - But my dick's long as my payroll
I get ass like a ball player - but I'm a boss player
Pimpin' hoes from here to Australia!
Till I get heart failure - look at ya half of y'all, all scared!
Other half, hands up in the air, like: "Awww, yeah! "
This is our year. This is what you call sheer
Talent! - But I think at this point it's just obvious.
Fierce! - They say my music's good for all queers
Cause I make your ear-ring, bitch!? ears and all ears? .
Call us the mafia. We got the fuckin' mob' here.
Gimme the hate and I'll feed off of ya's all year.
Shit, I'm just doing my job here. - You don't want no problem, do ya?
Fuck it! I'll even crack a bottle for ya!

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