Lyrics to Numb Your Spirit
You don't need us to make the colours
You only need us to make them bright
The loneliness that comes to mind
When you're slipping off the seesaw of your pride
The monsters they are all tongue tied
And the facts they get all garburated
Swimming in a sink of troubles
Waiting for their mothers to hold them
Waiting for their lovers to hold them
Before they die

We've been there during breaks at lunches
And when your night is rougher than the rest
The moon it stares at you in jest
And the sidewalk looks so drab and uninviting
Your mother isn't watching you now
No more need to wait and test the vicious waters
Your shield sure can take a stab
Why suffer through the boredom of it
Rail a line
Numb your spirit

Sleeping around
Got me unwound
Thoughts lost and found
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