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Lyrics to Nuff Ruffness
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[Hook 4X]
Nuff, ruff, nuff, ruff

[Chorus 4X]
Nuff Ruffness, here we go, the flavor is on

[Timbo King]
Here's a different style, I'll be sure
War, hits, more hits, just for you
Youth of '93, who, we the people
What is a church without a steeple
Jump, hump, think he pump me
Of your rhythm, you think that you can fuck me
Up, jump, run you want to front, no
Stop, knock, knock, who is it, yes, it's the horror
Nigga like it, like he knew, ain't sayin nothin kid
Get dug smart without a spark
Plus, I beg a pard', hump my left nut, man
Buck buck buck, you better duck, man
Beef, pump, corp, smooth, knife
Death, dot, sniff, on, dice
Terror, God damn it, I'm slammin wit the ill pro
Chill ho, 'cause I'm wider than a steel toe
Pump 2-2, yea be -be , you can bag a man like a growl from Pee-Wee
Fast rap's to be that he, is none
Beats chrome, have you ever been alarmed
On, nigga like Slugger Johnnie Walker
To those who dare, I most whip the native New Yorker
The mo' Timb King wit the swing
Ding-a-ling-a-ling, we the men, we the bring

[Chorus 4X]
[Hook 4X]
[Timbo King]
Oh snap, cock who pop, who's gonna pop, who's gonna pop
I kick the hand behind the legs, parke, country glock
Nuff spread, boom bye bye shootin bullets through ya head
We fled, I'm crazy like Ed
Never, my brother, dark might bled
'cause, that's my boy, the one to catch breath
So Spark, wit the 1, 1, run, 2, 3
Here comes The W, pick up the E

[Chorus 4X]
[Hook 4X]
[Timbo King]
Yeah we shall overcome one day
Rhymes go longer than a one way freeway
Hey, new loops, Dukes of Earl
We come to rock, we erect the whole world
Slow, boy, toy, risin sway to tickets
Dirty dirty, white dirty, two Scottie Pippen's
Hickery, dickery, where's another victory
Smoke lyrics like a blunt, my name is Timothy
Tray a, do you want to take me or arrest me?
Punch buggy, punch buggy, get the pockets fluffy
Snuff, drip, tippy, tippy, cornbread
Guess who's up, head, we slammin like a sled
Hammer, gamma, gamma, even Kapa Beta
Kick e'nuff ruffness, peace, see ya later

[Chorus 4X]
[Hook 4X]
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