Now's The Time To Fall In Love Lyrics

Ben Selvin

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Lyrics to Now's The Time To Fall In Love
Now's The Time To Fall In Love Video:
(American English) Potatoes are cheaper Tomatoes are cheaper Now's the time To fall in love Why, the butcher, the baker, And the candlestick maker All gave their price A downward shove Bzzzz ... boom Grab yourself someone To fry your eggs and bacon Why, she can live just like a queen On what you're makin' 'Cause this and that's a lot cheaper And a flat's a lot cheaper So, Honey, now's the time To fall in love (British English) Potatoes are reduced in price Tomatoes cost considerably less Now's the time To jolly well, ah, fall in love There's many a spinster In good old Westminster Who's looking for A blooming turtle dove, ah, ah, ah, ah In America they drink This beastly coffee Wed an English lass And 'ave your tea and toffee King George expects every marriage To fill up a carriage So, now's the time To jolly well fall in love

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