Lyrics to Nowhere Nights
Nowhere Nights Video:
There you go again, blowing smoke at some sucker
'Cause you knew you could
And I'm sure he's alright when he's underneath the right light
And, hey, at least his hair looks good
All the downtown boys, they might make a lotta noise
But they all talk the same
And, sure, he could be the pretty thing at the end of your string
But he ain't worth much more than his name
So if you wanna look lonesome, you better get it right
Hang your head and fade into another nowhere night

I did my time downtown and I'll say this about time
It goes by
Back then it was just something that passed between
Feeling hungry and getting high
I used to walk around like they built the whole damn town
Up around me when my back was turned
Then the ground gave way and I spent a couple days
Face down in everything I had learned
There was no great revelation, there was no blinding light
I just stopped sinking in to those nowhere nights

So I left downtown with the stains of lust and the shards of love
Still covering my feet
And I read the book of longing and I followed the parade
Back down to boogie street
Now, I'd speak of my despair and the pulse that isn't there
But it just wouldn't be the truth
'Cause most of the time I can fall asleep just fine
And I don't even wonder about you
We can talk about it now but I was never one to fight
It feels about as desperate as those nowhere nights

So you made up your mind
You're gonna be the downtown darling
Might as well throw yourself into it, honey
Make it your calling
And you can keep your friends amused with all the ugly words you use
When you start to describe
All the different shades of blue that came crashing down on you
When you were nothing to me but the meantime
If you got any pride left, honey, you'd better keep it out of sight
Or you're gonna lose it out there in those nowhere nights
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