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Lyrics to Now You Callin'
Now You Callin' Video:
(feat. Carmen Sandiego)

Yeah you got it, I'm a hogg underground
S.E.S. we next up, fuck who use to run the town
Saw you and your soldier around, but he ain't no soldier at all
Never stood behind no prison walls, or bust back at the laws

[Carmen Sandiego]
Now true that he was a faker, and I sho' shoulda known
Knew you was real, when you said you'd fuck me make me feel grown
Now uh now give me the gat, then roll up the weed
You fucking with a thug bitch daddy, I got what you need

I like Phantoms and Coupes, I'm too big to roll a Vette
I'm a general in this game, with my lil' soldierette
Yeah we rap game vets, soon to be some rap game threats
E.S.G. and Carmen San, you bitches ain't learned the name yet g'eah

If you ain't repping your hood, I ain't with it playa
Better be street, if you're looking at me
I got a thug, and baby he takes care of me
(blow dro got do', a real G from the streets)
If you ain't repping your hood, I ain't with it playa
Better be street, if you're looking at me
I got a thug, and baby he tales care of me
(love to get down and dirty, if you know what I mean)

All-Star game in Denver, we ball like Jada and Will
Fresh pressed and welfare, who made a mill with no deal
But I be's a thug for real, motherfucker that blood'll spill
I pop that nine two times get your mind right, or you gon get killed

[Carmen Sandiego]
Bodies is dropping, cause fool I get's down for mine
Baby you busting with the Tech, I'm out the roof with the nine
All you hating motherfuckers, call yourself a thug
You got to earn your hood stripes, or feel the heat from the slug

I need a soldier bitch, that could hold the brick
When the cops caught us, she ain't told em shit
To the Reggae music, she could roll up shit
Like Melissa Ford, she could drive a stick

[Carmen Sandiego]
I love that dick, daddy do me good
Bad ass sugar girl, from the hood
Puff the do-do, you can keep the wood
Queen of thr Dirty, it's understood

I had a soldier in my life, but he wasn't fucking me right
I got a thug in my life, and he be hitting it all night


[E.S.G. & (Carmen Sandiego)]
Not just a soldier, (you a thug you like to fuck) I don't make love
Well is you down (down for what), busting nuts up in your gut
(well tear it up little daddy, cause it's on tonight)
And this patrone, got a nigga wanting to bone you right
(you got me fiending for your love, come put that thug in my life)
And I'll make sho', I satisfy your appetite g'eah

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