Now We're Getting Somewhere Lyrics

Crowded House

Crowded House

Lyrics to Now We're Getting Somewhere
Now We're Getting Somewhere Video:
It never used to be that bad
But neither was it great
Somewhere in the middle then
Content and much too safe
Oh tell me please
Why it takes so long
To realise when there's something wrong

Lay me out with your heart
Now we're getting somewhere
Push me back to the start
Now we're getting somewhere
Take me out let me breathe
Now we're getting somewhere
When I'm with you I don't care
Where it is I'm falling

There's money in the Bible Belt
Hugs for daddy too
Three wishes for eternity
We've got some work to do
Oh tell me please, tell me what went wrong
Cos I believe there is something wrong


When you took me to your room
I swear I said surrender
When you opened up your mouth
I saw the words fall out
Though nothing much has changed
I swear I will surrender
There is pain in me heart
We can choose what we choose to believe
Songwriters: NEIL FINN
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