Lyrics to Now Or Never
Now Or Never Video:
Constant obsession of fatal illusion
Day after day I will fight my redemption
Sad contemplation of the whole creation
Nothing to say 'cept the words of deception

"Leave me or trust me"
She's going to kill me
Oh I swallow my anger
I swallow my pain

Wake up from your dream
You know you're a pilgrim
Racing the clock of time
Without reason and rhyme

You feel warm and secure
But you're lost and worried
Your heart is nice and pure
But inside you're exhausted

I will find the truth or pay forever
Blameless and confused, it's now or never
Now or never

Tortured mind 'cause now I'm blind
From the hell of my soul to this dirty black hole

All around the world
You're looking for your way
All these things you've heard
But sure you'll never pay

Life is like a prophecy
And time is the enemy
Falling into desolation
My words are premonition

Now or never
You know time is the enemy
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