Lyrics to Now Or Never
Now Or Never Video:
Pick up, let's disconnect the dots

'Cause everything's crashing down

I'm not sure where to stop

We can disappear tommorrrow

Turn off the lights, with no forwarding address

And never looking back on how we made it

Never looking back on what we left behind

Bring back tomorrow but not to start over

We thought that it could last forever

Even when they said we must be wrong

'Cause in the end it's now or never

The stars will lead us right where we belong

Searching for an answer

When everything familiar is gone

'Cause in the end it's now or never

But we can say we knew it all along

(This time I just can't let this go)

Eavesdrop on harmonizing words

Dissonate memories and unexpected turns

We've never stopped to listen to words of wisdom

At least we got this far
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