Lyrics to Now Its On
Now Its On Video:
Uh it's Werd
Scottish Hip hop now it's on

[Tech N9ne:]
Wicked wicked now it's on

The UK rap game am not init
But when am back home flow every minute
Are you OK cause I'm sick with the lyric
So don't play cause I spit photogenic
Comic strip spit see a rip speech bubbles
Take out two B's attached them to both knuckles
Beat you off the page
And they say Iv got issues
Plus they knows am a blow like tissues
A won't diss you
A'l put cunts at you
God bless me
A don't think that he had to
I shit on rappers got skill out the ass dude
If you don't believe me
Who the fuck asked you
A'l hit you with a glass and a'l smash you
Hit you with a cup and I mug you
Unplug mics and I will just plug you
Fuck you the DJ will cut you
You can drop in the club
That's what you want huh?
Drop in the club or to leak in the street
Got beef like meat then you leak when me meet
Make cunts bleed like the first time in the sheets
Like every four weeks four knuckles in your teeth
And you face defeat when my feets in your face
Rockports rock your jaw like the E you ate
And I'm easy take 8 like seven mistakes
Like cut
Take it from the top now great
Ok your gay no way can you match me
Don't play flow spray all day at ye
It's like we bump cabs and they can't catch us
Mixtape money so I don't pay taxis

Nah a don't pay taxes
Nah a don't pay taxes
Fuck taxes
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