Lyrics to Now I Know
Now I Know Video:
I let you down, screwed up again,
Couldn't hold out until the bitter end
This time I really thought I'd be fine
One more chance for me to make up my mind
I didn't try because I didn't care
Missed opportunities all were there
I knew it all but I just couldn't see
Let down is all I know and all I'll be

Why do I listen to what they say?
When nothing ever goes my way
I see the fiction before the fact
Now I know there's no turning back
Now I know, now I see
But is it too late for me?

I never wanted to captain the side
Won't be the medal you wear with pride
So many things that you can't have
So many ways for me to make you sad
I don't care about the words you said
I've forgotten wishing I was dead
The time has come to make my own way
Failure is a word I still won't pay
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