Lyrics to November
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It's been a long time
Since i crossed your thinking
I need to know now
Forgive me dear, its him you're missing
Back in the winter
When both our hearts were breaking
Nights of november,
Can you stop my hands from shaking?


Remember, remember when you were the only answer,
Those idle lies we told,
Those months of firing friendly

Remember, remember, that night back in november
Forever, forever, this story has no ending

Take two was something,
Look alive deception loves her
Or does she crave attention?
Either way and vice versa
Open up your eyes,
Your spine is somewhat missing
I know you can,
Cos you went through hell and came out smiling


Lonely nights and winter fights
The never ending after-bites
I know it means nothing it was long ago
But it's the closest thing i ever had to feeling at home
Felt alive but i still felt scared
And i know our days were few but id still hope that you cared
Straight from the heart and stripped down bare
I guess you never loved me but i guess thats fair


Remember, remember, my luck changed in november
Remember, remember, and left me nine days later

Don't forget!
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