Lyrics to Notoriety
Notoriety Video:
You say I never pay attention
What makes you think i look the other way
You let me be the judge
I don't believe what they say

Your name came up in conversation yesterday
My best bet was to feign indifference
You've got an awful reputation by the way
The table made a joke at your expense
Didn't believe a word
I don't believe what they say
It smacked of jealousy
I now it's only notoriety

My reputation might precede me baby
Forget the rumours and the hearsay
You think i never pay attention to you
I guess you think i look the other way
I don't care what you've heard
Why d'you believe what they say
I'll come to your defence
You know it's only notoriety

To hell with our outrageous fortune baby
We've got a sea of troubles in our sights
We don't need recklessness or caution
To catch the gossip-mongers dead to rights
Let them all speculate
They ain't got a clue anyway
Just use your common sense
You know it's only notoriety

Hear no evil and speak no evil
See no evil lest it come your way
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