Lyrics to Nothing To Lose
Nothing To Lose Video:
[feat. Louie Castro]

[Talking: Tony Yayo]
Hawaiian snow nigga
Danny brown, Tony Yayo
Doe pesci

[Chorus: Louie Castro]
Can't trust noone around me
I stay on my job
They count my cash I live my life like
I ain't got nothing to lose
Can't trust noone around me
I'm going out my mind
So live my life like
I ain't got nothing to lose

[Tony Yayo:]
Porsches 911
I got 19 in that 19 11, take off
These rap niggaz basic
I got blue skin avatar choppers in the spaceship
Black president, I thought we'll never win
Obamas the next martin luther king
Leer jet shit, eating lobster
But still dance with the wolves, kevin costner
What up partner I'm the nigga you should worry bout
White chevy black guts drop mcflurried out
Drunk of these sets, sick of ambition
P-90 look like rayguns when niggaz hitting
I need pepto the way I'm shitting
I dope bullets like blitzo and niggaz blitzen
And you catch em like t.o and ocho
Haters on my dick no homo


[Danny Brown:]
Detroit with the work and a rented taurus
Got something that knock down bronisaurus
Kill a rapper on the daily, no thesaurus
Why these bitches wanna spoil her cause I'm an aurous
15 stones got 8 left
9 posted in the north face apex
If I run up in your spot leave shit wet
Got these fiends scared to take me like an aids test
I ball hard, nita natesmith
Take a hit of this swear you seen a spaceship
Ufo guns make you dissenagrate
Big chain pieces looking like dinner plates
So we eating nigga, no silverware
The plate see through, tupperware
Squirt it in her eye, day care
Got macy watch my kids, I'm over niggaz heads

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