Lyrics to Nothing To Give
Nothing To Give Video:
My head is aching from last night and thoughts of you
Too many artifacts are present and I can't bare to leave this room.
You left your jacket by the stairs draped on the banister
I glide my hands across its neck and I get chills from the air.

I let you down it's for the best with a heart like mine I just can't commit.
I'm always acting never thinking about what I may have found.

Nothing's been the same
And I've got nothing to give.

I was lost in notebooks you'd undress with every word.
Before I'd finish a sentence you'd be naked muttering on the floor,
“I'm always drunk and miserable since you came”

Yeah it's easy to replace, yeah it's easy
Yeah you're easy to replace, yeah you're easy
Yeah I'm easy to replace, yeah I'm easy.
See we've easily suppressed all our feelings.
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