Lyrics to Nothing
Nothing Video:
But it feels cool to be wasteful
To join tears and join years
That you have left around the rest
A new landscape, to be awake
It hurts to start or cut your tongue
On a sharp rock where you tried to run
The coldest fondness you gave your feet
To hold you up and show you up
On the stock you stuck your claim
And blamed it plain for all the names
That you built up and laid upon
You're all hard up, laid on the sun
And you go down and make it great
You make it well, you made a lake
That sits there in the middle
Where you're often torn apart
Where you can never figure
Which the hell way you are
And though you'll never be successful
In making it go a way
That you want or care for
Makes it anyway

So I'll leave simply
And promise you a fair
That won't be too expensive
And leave you wondering where
Nothing glows and nothing comes
And nothing dances on tiptoes
To see before the sun comes up
With nothing left, to be yourself
With nothing to keep you
With nothing to break
With everyone to love you
And all of them to say
Whatever you have shared before
Today do share again
It's taken shelves to store accomplishments
And a thousand leaves and lakes
To fall out of your pockets
And never find the ground
To be lost in the moment
That day you came around
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