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Lyrics to Nothing
Nothing Video:
Burning skin feels so good
Erase my existence from your book
From this torture you've given me
I know I can't succeed

Screaming, kicking
Coming down, I am nothing

I feel like shit around you
I never amounted to much
Murder seemed so justified
Maybe I should just walk it off

I don't mean the things I say
I'd only smack you if it felt right
I'm only showing my love for you
Why does it have to be this way

The hate builds up in me
I can't control the things I see
I've given all I can, I am nothing

Withering deep inside of me
Is what's left of my self-esteem
Crawling to reach your love
Kick me in the face just one more time

I sit here waiting, quietly dying
I'm alone in the rain
I'm in love with the pain

I am nothing... nothing
I am nobody... I hate myself
Nothing, Nobody, I hate you
I am nothing
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