Nothing Left To Say Lyrics

The Independents

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Lyrics to Nothing Left To Say
Nothing Left To Say Video:
When I looked into your eyes
Often you'd cry why
And do you, do you dream of me
We were so young and free, it's so sad girl
You can't bring back the dead

Wake up in the morning light, holding you so tight
I never wanted to let you go
But in the back of your mind, you knew we'd run out of time
You said we'd be together forever and more

You came to my grave, said there's no more love to save
How could you do this to me
Together in the full moon, together one more night
I gave you everything, even my life

And now you walk away
You say there's nothing left to say
And now you walk away
And you say there's nothing left to say, to say
Just say it, say it, nothing left to...
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