Nothing Left To Lose Lyrics

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Lyrics to Nothing Left To Lose
Nothing Left To Lose Video:
He lived his life,
Never looking back,
His faith so strong,
That it would never bend,
Under the pressure,
Of disbelief,
He lived his life,
With so much pain!
Struggle trough struggle always pushing forward
With an unbreakable will and an even stronger mind
He said to himself that he would
Never take never let what he was
He lived his life never looking back
Never taking anything for granted what he had
This was his chance to change his chance to change the world
He took a chance to say it all to say to speak his mind
And will he never rest never said it all
Never took it back he said what's in his mind
Always pushing forward never looking back
For what he was for what he is till he ran away
He took a chance took all for he took a chance in his life
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