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Lyrics to Nothing Ever Mattered
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[Verse 1 - Ebony]
Feel like I spent forever waitin' for this love
The kind you search a lifetime for and place none above
I'm so glad that you decided to stay hear with me
I have no intentions of lettin' go you see (No)

[Hook - Ebony]
Nobody understands me like you do
(I almost can't believe)
The way you look at me and see me ooh
(Feels good it's funny)
How with you I never feel ashamed to be
(Myself you never make me)
Feel I got somethin' to proove
There's nothin' trivial 'bout you

[Chorus - Ebony]

(Nothin' ever mattered to me)
Til' the day you walked in
(Into my life settin' me free)
Yes, I believe
(It's all a part of destiny)
That you and I met
(Stayed together ever since)
So don't ever leave

[Break - Ebony]

(I'm so elated to know I have you)
(With you I'll make it through)
Whatever comes my way
('Cuz when life gets crazy I know you got me)
(Just like I got you ooh)
So hear me when I say

[Verse - Karima]
Now I feel so gone I think it's almost crazy
That I'm lost in a sea of feelings and to be (So)
Caught up in you my mind stays on you I (Don't)
Really care it's alright it don't phase me 'cuz there's no (one)

[Hook - Karima]

[Chorus - Karima]

[Break - Karima]

[Chorus - Ebony]

[Break - Ebony]

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Songwriters: Thomas, Delisha / Jerkins, Frederick Daniel III
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