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Lyrics to Nothing Changes (In Italy)
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Do you know your rights? They should be the same as mine. You could say I'm saying nothing new. It's not true. You should know ther's a place whre someone can really change laws and rights feeling free to crime all the time. He can sit in parliament, he can even lead the government, a status gainend through money, cheats and lies. Yes, lies! He won't care about your needs. Wake up your own greed. After all, we know how to do it fine. Our history, our life.
Where did we go wrong?...and now, for how long should we suffer in this situation? How do we can buy back freedom sold out last night? At least bitches sell ass but never sell their minds.
I'd really like to know what happend to us to allow such an asshole to controll our lives. What a long time! Sixty Years have passed, maybe we need a rest. I guess freedom won't fit this gutless nation. Say goodbye, she's gone. Shut up! Obey!
Your mind is too busy watching a football game. Watch it, your ass is the next place he's gonna play. He keeps on feeding you with everything you don't need. The more you like it the more he likes to feed.

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