Lyrics to Not With Us
Not With Us Video:
Who is complaining?
Why the truth is fading?
What you've seen on TV
Is the real today
You are just their toy
Shut up and go to work
They promise you a better life today
You dare to lie to us
You dare to lie to us
Why the youth is struggling?
And try to fight the system
Where the power is hiding
In a corrupted world
It ain't the system
It's the human politician
Who do fight for their survival
Under any costs
It would be so nice
If an angel comes down to earth
Giving a light to open all eyes
And how would it be though
If lies are impossible
A no one pretends
What does not exist, oh God
Dream on and dream on and dream on my friend
Your heart is yours, never sell out
Don't try to run away
It's you man, the one to pay
By keep on accepting, the sweet talking slut
Demonstrate an own strong will
Read between the lines and tell
What is true and what is bull
And say it in their face
Let all mankind be awake
See the men who celebrate
Who sold the war and dominate
Effecting our lives
In present paper sold and wrapped
Death and horror is what you've got
You must be a maniac
To believe a single word
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