Lyrics to Not Ready
Not Ready Video:
I couldn't enjoy my cappuccino for fear of missing him he always dives into casino in spite of being out of trim I'm a fool enough to wait for him out of the crowd I hate he wouldn't know that somebody's wasting time and caffeine for him out there out there... out there... the words of a drunken man struck 5 to midnight it's my birth time new feelings fall and blame my clyde every 100 flakes of snow * (chorus) ready to read him ready to seize him ready to heal him I'm ready I'm ready ready to feel him ready to kiss him because I'm not ready to hate him at all... not at all his empty promise skimmed right now over the freezing Houston street this corny winter made me doubt whether he's within my reach my blurry memory spans a quarter of a century but it's in tune now he wouldn't know that somebody else wants him to wake up and feel a real blow * (chorus) because I'm not ready to lose him at all... not at all

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