Not Playin' Lyrics

Q Da Fool

100 Keys

Lyrics to Not Playin'
Uh, what's up, Zay?
Yeah, gang, damn, Rich Shootas shit
This that, this that strip club
Bitch, make it shake, uh
This that strip club shit, bitch

I'm throwin' cash on her titties, I'm throwin' cash on her ass
That bitch be catchin' a nut, then I put the bag on her back
Your bitch on my dick and I don't gotta brag
I fucked on another bitch, now my main bitch mad
Uh, let's get it
Bought another Hellcat, I ain't even need it
Workin' real hard, made this shit look easy
Play with the gang, leave your ass not breathin'
Go get me the cash, boy, your ass not leavin'
You not a goon and your man not either
You got guns but we got more heaters
Baby mothers drink a nigga up, Mojito
Five percent tip, tryna duck them people

I- I'm not playin'
I swear, I- I'm not playin'

Bitch, uh, I'm pullin' straight up in that thang
Uh, I'm killing' niggas for my man
You tryna shoot, lil nigga lost his chains
Left a hundred shots, that bitch pissed his pants
Dummy bricks 'til they land, uh
Gettin' big in the can, uh
Drinkin' lean, Dirty Dan
[?] lickin', what you thinkin'? Rich Shootas the brain
Coke brown, Santan'
I got, max aim
Green beams, I attach them
75 on the Draco, I'm tapped in
Tackle a nigga
I blow all these racks on a nigga, uh
You can't ball like me
Spoil that bitch lik me
A hundred racks out at Saks, lil nigga
I'm a killer, that's facts, lil nigga
Shoot up your block and I might double back, lil nigga
Cake it up on me, I'm sharp as a tack, lil nigga
They killed my brother, that's a headache
Uh, my uncle gone for a decade
Walk in the club with the rackades
Even my mother know I let it travel with me
My Rollie is president, elegant, uh
She say my dick big like elephant, woah
Walked in the club with the F&N
Cubans and white bitches, yeah, I'm sexin' 'em
Callin' and taxin' 'em, uh, uh
Bricks and pounds, bitch , you know that I'm stretchin' 'em
My lil niggas catchin' 'em

Live my life, the gang tight
Been in the dark so long, I only move at night
I got that dark brown powder, what them cluckers like
I- (I- I- I- I- I-), I- (I-)

I beat that pack just like fuckin' Ike
I'm goin' broke, sike
Glass pipes, I give my auntie
What, I'm livin' life
I keep my women right
So much damn coke, I'm swimmin' in the white
Niggas broke as shit, niggas parasites
Throw it up like Israelite
Issa knife
Notes on my tray, fuck is this? It's a kite
You might get stabbed tonight

That's that, that's that prison life, haha
What you know about that prison life?
'Cause out here, I ain't livin' right
So I'm prepared for that prison life

Live my life, the gang tight
Been in the dark so long, I only move at night
I got that dark brown powder, what them cluckers like
Uh, so I'm prepared for that prison life
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