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Attaining The Supreme

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Just lump everyone in. Then you don't have to begin. To use discrimination. And to set the matter straight. And to end some pointless hate. Here's some information: I'm not proud of my place of birth. some random place on earth. I claim no nationality. I'm no religious institution or denomination. I'm a seperate personality. Don't put your labels on me. There's so much more you can't see. Stop soncocting stories, inventing categories. Of who I should be. We're all in cults - I'm not alone. Before you go and cast the first stone. Think of all thats programmed in your head. All these loaded words aside, The question is: how to purify life? Soon you'll be dead. Although you point at me. It's obvious to see: That all the people do conform. And that this whole world's a stage. And everyone's engaged in dressing in different uniforms. To become unconditioned from society. You must know who you are, originally. Take a look at the costume you wear. From your sneakers to your hair. Who's life is the fantasy? All designations aside. I'm not trying to hide. Behind some churchianity. We're all wandering spirit souls. And if you too want life's goal. We must develop honesty

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