Lyrics to Not In This Town
Not In This Town Video:
When the train hit the car, nobody cared
No one knew the children, no one here
And the fire that burned all the houses down
Didn't really matter Not in this town

It can't happen here, it can't happen here
Can't happen here, can't happen here
Always somewhere else

Street raced to her face
Meets her unanswered prayers
No one seemed to notice, no one here
Selfish death wish or the final frontier
I don't know the afterlife
She knows it to clear


Pressure starts to build inside his head
Burnt down his own house
Left his family for dead
The people in the news all shook their heads
He was such a good father was all they said


Water reached high mark on the stick
Old lady drowned in bed she was sick
Horses and cars went all under water
Who could've known its been suck a dry summer
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