Lyrics to Not Guilty
Not Guilty Video:
Thank you Lord for saving us
From the guilt of sin
The path of righteousness abounds
That we may never sin again
And if we do
There you are with open arms
To make us whole
Oh, we thank you Lord
We're not guilty at all

Thank you Lord for all my trials
That come to make us strong
For years my life was in denial
But I am not alone
So if you're here
And on your heart this message falls
Hear my call
Oh, we thank you, Lord
We're not guilty at all

We wrestled with the guilt
That left us scarred and bound and shamed
But I found that sin has no degree
And in your name I changed

Where the spirit of the Lord is
There I find liberty
For who the Son sets free
I declare is free indeed

Ooo Ooo
Not guilty
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