Not For You [live On Radio] Lyrics

Pearl Jam

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Lyrics to Not For You [live On Radio]
Not For You [live On Radio] Video:
Restless soul, enjoy your youth.Like Muhammad. Hits the truth.Oh, can't escape from the common rule - if you hate something don't you do it too. Too...Small my table. Sits just two.Got so crowded. I can't make room.Oh where did they come from? Stormed my room.And you dare say it belongs to you. Fuck you...This is not for you. (x3)Oh, never was for you. You...My friends call me Ed, they call me.My friends call me...All that's sacred comes from youth.Dedication. Naive and true.With no power. Nothing to do.I still remember. Why don't you? Don't you?This is not for you. (x3) Oh, never was for you. Fuck you.This is not for you. (x3)Oh, never wasy for you. You...

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