Not For Radio Lyrics



Lyrics to Not For Radio
Escobar season begins
Ay yo we ain't posin' for no pictures in 2018
Candid shit only
Scared motherfuckers

Black Kemet gods, black Egyptian gods (yeah, let's go)
Summoned from heaven, blessed, dressed in only Goyard
Homie go hard like stole and rob it in a stolen car
Shoot the ballot box, no voter cards, they all are frauds
Senegal's finest, minerals, diamonds
The earth is cursed but I survive many climates
Calm and thoroughly, they try to Hyman Roth me
John Fitzgerald me, the industry never bought me
(You know God sent me here)
Fear will make you reveal who you really are
Feel me God? Be solid, your foes hold you in ill regard
This ain't knowledge, this is not intense
For honored men, women too
Us who can see the same thing, but have a different view (let's go)
All of a sudden, frontin' niggas knew you from your past
Got all kinds of guys sayin' we go way back
And who y'all comparing me to is nonsense
Show gratitude in the presence of dominance

I think they scared of us, yeah
I think they scared of us
I think they scared of us, yeah
I think they scared
To Catholics…

To Catholics, Moors and Masons (motherfuckers!)
John Hanson was not the first black pres to make it
Abe Lincoln did not free the enslaved
Progress was made 'cause we forced the proclamation
(Fuck your proclamation!)
SWAT was created to stop the Panthers
Glocks were created for murder enhancement
For hunting men, circumstances
Edgar Hoover was black
Willie Lynch was a myth, Colombians created crack
The government made stacks (welcome to America, niggas!)
Reagan had Alzheimer's, that's true
Fox News was started by a black dude, also true (fuck you too!)
Convinced my experiences were meant to be
Helps me navigate as they validate they treachery
Felt established, fake as he smile, handshake questionable
"Am I good?" he ask, thinkin', "But is he testin' you?"
In my hood, fear does a few things
Make you pussy, make you a snitch
Make irrational moves or even turn you to food

I think they're scared of us, yeah
I think they're scared of us
I think they're scared of us, yeah
I think they scared
I think they scared of us, yeah
I think they scared of us
See, we don't care what you think about us
I think they scared of us, yeah
What you say about us
I think they scared
You bitch ass, yeah

Ayo, that's why they be killing us and shooting us
That's why they feel uncomfortable around us
'Cause of our greatness
You're lucky God made us compassionate
You're forgiven
Pssh, man, they scared of us, Nas
We see that bitch in your eyes
Songwriters: Kanye Omari West, Nasir Jones, Mike Dean, Basil Poledouris
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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