Lyrics to Not For Long
Not For Long Video:
This one is faster than the one you've got
This one will save you space
You better snatch them up while they are hot
Before they get replaced
Can't turn your cheek to what's going on
For you might miss a beat
The audience is many million strong
It's time you took your seat

It's the latest, it's in style, it's the intelligent choice
What's the use in screaming "enough" when you're the only voice?

I walk around this institution of shame
Where I feel pressure to spend
If I collect more than I truly need
What will it amount to in the end?

You need this, you want that, there's no better way
If you can get it here from me, then why delay?

Something keeps holding me back
Something tells me I'm on the right track
But not for long
Not for long

Something keeps making me see
That not everything was made for me
But not for long
Not for long

Don't be late, don't miss out on the experience
If we don't get you now we'll get you later, you've got no defense

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