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Screwed Up Movement

Lyrics to Not A Workout Song
Not A Workout Song Video:
Now this ain't a song, you can workout on
This a song, you could cook your work on
Yeah dog, cook that snow
Bag that dro, gon get your do'
This ain't a song, you can workout on
This a song, you can cook your work on
Yeah homie, gon get your mail
But watch your back, you might wind up in jail

Yeah first off, pay attention to this
I feel bad, when I'm talking that negative shit
Here we go homie, whip game no doubt
36 going in, 78 coming out
Microwave hot, doing three at a time
Don't believe me nigga, you ain't been on the grind
Do you wanna make one, they all 28
26-27, boys get it straight
Rule number one, no new clientele
Leave no residue, and wipe your scale
I'll prolly go to hell, for talking bout this
Niggaz don't listen, to the positive shit
I gotta give it to em raw, new world order
Young babies found, dead around the water
Don't sell dope, cause it's bad for your health
When the money get low, we contradict ourself


Locked down, like Nick or Robert James
So much time, it make you go insane
So much money, can't go on a plane
So much work, they can't know your name
You need a A-list, alibye
Think it's the 80's, this the FBI
Creeping in your house, watching your spouse
Got a rat in your cap, but I ain't talking bout a mouse
Talking bout the kind, that'll point you out
Bring the alphabet land, to your baby mama house
Plant bugs in your couch, read your house
Going through your papers, when you take the trash out
But don't watch me, watch the police
They the biggest gang, that's supplying the streets
And then they blame we, for our community
And grant that snitch, straight immunity


Came back home, just did ten
This a true story, about G with the Benz
Got my homeboy, straight life sentence
Name's been changed, to protect the innocent
This one thang, we fall victim to
The mighty green dollars, straight be calling you
Bathen-ape, you gotta get that shoe
Bentley jeep too, you gotta have a new coupe
Now you candy red, living on the edge
Bills piling up, can't afford to be scared
Not knowing all the time, your connect was a FED
Now you never coming home, till you old or dead I say


Nick Scholts, hold your head up
Robert James, hold your head up
E.D., hold your head up
Ke-We, won't you hold your head up
Everybody in the FEDs, hold your head up
Everybody doing state time, hold your head up
All my boys locked down, hold your head up
East Coast-West Coast, let me see you hold it up
Midwest, hold your head up
Dirty South, gotta hold your head up
Yeah, won't you hold your head up
Boys wanna see ya, dead or fed up

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