Lyrics to Nostalgia
Nostalgia Video:
As in a dream I traveled back,
to times lost, places remembered.
And with me I took all that is "I".
And once there, I held still in the moment,
aware that again it would be gone.
Gone are the days, echoes in memory.
Sweet befallings of my mindless flaw
lived on.

Together we ran away,
abandoned reason for hope,
and left behind our essence.
Lost it all, and for what?

Alas, on wings of hope,
were we to meet at the end of roads?
To what the facade dressed
in strokes of mocking void
left me dreaming for?

The past comes alive and clear with awarness.
Trees bare green around the senile court.
Awaken to the kind of dandelion youth
others have only dreamt about.

To hold it still!
The countless times I've reached and failed,
for what - you cannot see.
Seductive cult of yearning
blindly leads me still - away!

Blessed with the notion of past no more,
we blundered on without cause.
The mist, once everfallen - forever
exiled the most cherished thoughts...
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