Northward Winds Were Bound To Happen Lyrics

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The Get Go [EP]

Lyrics to Northward Winds Were Bound To Happen
Northward Winds Were Bound To Happen Video:
Open eyes, and I am sailing away from this.
No consequences keep me from becoming what I've missed.
I am tired, feeling blinded, but excited,
Packing up my memories,
Let's get this fucking started.

So I'll step foot outside my door.
I can't get into this, for all the headaches in the world
That keep drilling themselves in.
I'm hopped up on vicodin.
But this weight that's on my shoulders,
It keeps killing me over and over.

Let say that I am setting sail
I hate to be cliche, but it fits me oh so well.
And your words, a sea of irony.
Let's say this song isn't about those hips or heartaches
It's about me taking on the world.

I'm not rotting away from the inside.
Cause I feel like I've been
Turning up a garden in a deadzone.
And when you're on your own.
Can you keep up? I mean, can you really?
I've found another way to turn.
Turn up a garden in a deadzone.
I've found another way to turn this ship around.
Get the hell out of my hometown.

Let's say I'm overwhelmed and
The stress has gotten the best of me.
Let's say I'm bending over backwards
And nothing ever happens.
Pain pills can take away the worst,
But they'll never cure my seasickness.
These butterflies, they'd better surface.

Set sail tonight on an open course.
Stars above my head I can't ignore.
So we set a course, yeah we set it well.
We'll be together as we will in hell.
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